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If you are interested in the process of learning, we have something in common! I have spent a big part of my life trying to understand this process from the neurocognitive and evolutionary point of view. I think all brains are able to learn however, they learn at different speeds requiring different learning strategies.

You are invited to follow my online writing where I share my theories about neurodevelopment and how to help children to learn. I post articles frequently to Learning and Neurodevelopment Research Center as well as my own blog Talking about neurocognition. My blog also contains links to various scientific magazines where I write about developmental disorders.

If you are interested in higher education then you might prefer to follow my writing for the evolllution online magazine. On this site I share my research about the learning processes for higher education.

If you are interested science you can visit Fronteras de la ciencia. On this site I share notes about scientific journalism.

If you like my writing, please share it . Additionally, if you have questions or would like to discuss anything I've written, you can contact me via my website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Research Gate. I am also available for speaking engagements if you feel any of my research would compliment your conference agenda.

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